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The EarthAuger: A Hybrid Sanitation Solution

A composting and urine diverting dry toilet (UDDT)

Our Challenge

Roughly 37% of the world’s population lack access to basic sanitation, with over 1 billion people practicing open defecation. The lack of basic sanitation perpetuates the cycle of poverty and disease in multiple and insidious ways.

Our Technology

The EarthAuger is designed as a home sanitation unit to serve 4-6 people. We are also demonstrating a community system with 4-6 EarthAugers for schools or emergency response situations.

Our Projects

We now have EarthAuger projects in 11 countries and four continents. The EarthAuger Community Systems have been installed in 3 countries.


Welcome to sustainable sanitation!

Critical Practices LLC is a USA based organization that provides services for design and implementation of sustainable technologies. The EarthAuger and the EarthAuger Community System have been the result of 14 years of development by Critical Practices LLC.

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