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The EarthAuger has been in development since 2001. Originally, designs and intellectural property were owned by the University of Washington. However, in 2013 all intellectual property from the UW was returned to Dr. Henry.

About Critical Practices...

And what we're up to

Critical Practices LLC is a USA based organization that provides services for design and implementation of sustainable technologies. The EarthAuger Composting Urine Diverting Dry Toilet (EA) has been the result of 13 years of development by Critical Practices LLC (CP). The original concept and subsequent prototype of the first EarthAuger were developed by University of Washington professor Chuck Henry in 2001.

The goal was to have a toilet that could:

  • be installed inside the house and get treated solids and liquids out of the house, while avoiding smells and flies
  • create usable end products
  • operate effectively without power or water


  • Through 2010 development of the EA was by Henry, supplemented by some University of Washington funds for materials and demonstration projects.

  • In 2011 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided a Grand Challenges Phase I grant to enhance the interface of the toilet to make it more user friendly – the grant was through the Ecuadorian non-profit Fundación in Terris (FIT) with CP as a subgrantee. The success of these enhancements during that grant period resulted in a Phase II grant in 2013 to commercialize the EA, again through FIT providing field testing and CP doing product development and manufacturing.

  • By 2014, all components were redesigned, molds were fabricated, and 650 units of the injection molded plastic model were produced. Of these:
    • 435 toilets were sent Ecuador
    • 25 to Seattle for testing and small demonstrations
    • 190 remained at the factory for use in large-scale demonstrations

  • In 2015, CP received funding from the Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) for development of a community sanitation system.

Currently, CP’s work consists of continued:

  • Design modifications
  • Testing new prototypes
  • UDDT & Community system demonstrations


Critical Practices LLC is a USA based organization that provides services for design and implementation of sustainable technologies. As the originator of the EarthAuger design, CP:

  • Manufactures and distributes the technology

  • Provides technical expertise

  • Trains local partners in assembly and installation of the EarthAuger and the Community System.

Our goal is to alleviate the global sanitation crisis by developing safe, affordable, and environmentally sustainable sanitation technologies for marginalized communities worldwide.

The mission of Critical Practices is to promote the use of appropriate alternative water and sanitation technologies.

We strive to demonstrate how people can actively participate in the sustainability of our environment by providing:

  • Education
  • Products
  • Examples of practices that benefit communities in need

Critical Practices, LLC
60 Goat Peak Ranch Road
Cle Elum, WA 98922


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