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EarthAuger Community Systems in India


Assembly of the EarthAugers took place at the SaraPlast rotomolding factory.


The site of our first community system installation - an eight-unit housing complex.


For this installation, we used fiberglass housing typical of what SaraPlast uses for portable toilets. In future installations, we will be developing special housing units for the community system.

The second community system installation is in a tech school in back of this new laboratory. Some toilets exist, but they are insufficient for the rapidly growing enroolment.


Beginning installation.

The Project:

A Washington Global Health Alliance grant supported development of the community system based on the EarthAuger. As part of that grant, four demonstrations were funded: (1) the first prototype in Cle Elum, WA, (2) an installation at the Yachana Sustainability Center in the Amazon, Ecuador and (3&4) two demonstrations in Pune, India hosted by SaraPlast LLC.

The two sites in India are:

  • An 8-family complex
  • A peri-urban school of about 500 high school students.

Project Team:

The project was a cooperative effort between SaraPlast LLT, Pune, India and Critical Practices LLC, supported by a grant from Washington Global Health Alliance.


Nine EarthAuger toilets were shipped to Mumbai, then driven to the SaraPlast factory in Pune. Additionally, 2 community systems were shipped, using four toilets in each. One EarthAuger was kept for show as a single family installation.


We visited both sites and discussed installation locations and potential use patterns. For instance, for the housing complex, the intent was to service only 4 households. However, as the community system has larger capacity, we decided to include the whole eight housing units (approximately 32 people).

The EarthAugers were assembled by the very able staff at the SaraPlast rotomolding facility. The great thing about working with them is that they suggested ideas for assembly modifications, like pop riveting some of the piece together, and making parts so the interface fit their platform.

We then worked with the masons installing the EarthAugers in the housing complex site. The school site they are doing without our help.

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