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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Project


Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia, is a growoing city of about 1.5 million. Growth happens both within the city with high rise apartments, but also in the surrounding suburban area that has no sewer.


Four wastewater treatment plants serve the core of the city, but about 900,000 people in the suburban area have only unimproved pit toilets at best.


Mongolia offers some really unique conditions for saniation - in the winter it can get to -50°C for prolonged periods. To address this situation, we will be installing the EAs inside the house, above the floor, then insulating the part outside the house. (Traditional Ger on the left, potential placement of the EA.)





The Project:

This demonstration project was conducted in the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar. Although the main part of the city is sewered and there are four wastewater treatment plants, about 900,000 of the inhabitants have only unimproved pit toilets or no sanitation.

Project Team:

The project was under the direction of Professor Davaa Basandorj and the Mongolian Water Partnership.


Ten EarthAuger toilets were flown into Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; 6 pedestal and 4 squat. These toilets are planned for installation in the unsewered areas surrounding the core city.


We spent the first few days doing site recon and assembling toilets.

Zaya assembling the auger

Professor Davaa Basandorj and his new EarthAuger.

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