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Operation of the EarthAuger

The EarthAuger is combination urine diverting dry toilet and a composting toilet. It is designed to transform human waste into usable soil products or an energy source.

Urine goes one place and poop and cover material that is added goes another place. When you ‘flush’ by stepping on a foot pedal, the solids are mixed and gradually move along a horizontal chamber, eventually filling a storage container. Depending upon how long the compost stays in the horizontal chamber and storage container, the compost will be partially to fully stabilized. The storage container can then be taken to a place for use or further treatment.The urine, mixed with greywater, is either stored and eventually used as a fertilizer, or it can be used directly in a sub-surface irrigation system.

Instructions for use
      What you can put inside the EA
      What you should NOT put inside the EA
Cleaning and maintaining the EA
How to manage the products of the EA
Maintenance, problems and solutions

Instructions for use

What you should and shouldn't put inside the EarthAuger

Cleaning and maintaining the EarthAuger

An ecological toilet should be cleaned just as often as a traditional toilet. It’s best to only use water to clean the toilet, although small amounts of chemicals are OK occasionally.

How to manage the products of the EarthAuger

As you use the EarthAuger, two products will begin to accumulate:


The compost fills up the storage container at the end of the horizontal tube outside of the building. It is important that you:


The best way to make use of the urine and wash water is to have it irrigate a raised bed garden area. That means all these liquids are combined and enter a subsurface perforated pipe system that is about 15cm below the top of the soil. This method requires minimum monitoring. If it is easier or necessary to collect the urine and water:

How to manage the products of the EarthAuger

The EarthAuger is designed to need minimal work to keep in working properly. However, because it is a mechanical toilet, it requires some maintenance.

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