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Our Projects

We now have EarthAuger projects in 12 countries and four continents. Demonstrations of the EarthAuger Community System have been installed in 3 countries.






Local Organizations

Installed Systems

United States 2001-present Washington State (5 locations), Oregon (3 locations), Idaho, New Hampshire, New York. Critical Practices (development center), and primarily single family homes Total 24 units. Washington: 10 versions have been developed at Critical Practices in Cle Elum, 1 in a private camp, 4 other single famly units. Oregon: 6 single family units. Idaho, New Hampshire and New York: each one single family unit.
Ecuador 2007-present Various locations throughout the country FundaciĆ³n in Terris, Yachana Sustainability Center, Black Sheep Inn, Hogar de Cristo, Campo Duro (Galapagos Is.), Techo (all with functional installations) Total 163+ units. Community use: 15 systems (mostly early versions, some still in use). Single Family: mostly in Manabi, Guayaquil, some in the Amazon, some in the Andes.
South Africa 2016 Covimbava rural community Water Research Commision Planned 200 units in schools and single family homes.
Mongolia 2016 Ulaanbaatar Mongolian Water Partnership Total 10 units delivered. Single Family.
Senegal 2015 Dakar (Pikine) Oxfam, EVE, University Cheikh Anta Diop Total 6 units. Community use: 2 single EarthAuger units in cooperative farms. Single Family: 4 units.
Benin 2015-6 Cotonou PSI/PATH Total 4 units installed, 6 planned. Single Family.
Ghana 2016 Accra, Ada Foah PSI/PATH, WSUP, Ada Foah Community Total 2 units installed, 14 units planned. Single Family: 6 units in Ada Foah (as contributions from the (UN)Run-Seattle). 10 units in Accra.
Vietnam 2016 Rural locations. Asian Development Bank, Vietnam Women's Union. Total 20 units planned.
India 2016 Pune Funded by Washington Global Health Alliance & SaraPlast. Total 9 units planned. Community Systems: 2 systems of 4 toilets each - one school, one factory. Single Family: 1 unit.
Cambodia 2015 Angkor World Heritage Site Live and Learn, Australian Engineers w/o Borders Total 3 units. 1 installed as a demonstration, 2 retained for show.
Kenya 2010 Ngomano Clay International School Total 2 units installed. Version 4 system - both for meeting areas.
Cost Rica 2007 Peninsula de Nicoya, and Chilmate Funded by Critical Practices LLC, private farmer, private resort owner Total 2 units installed. Version 1 system - one for farm workers, one for resort owners.
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