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Pikine, Senegal Project


This project developed following the SuSanA meeting (left) and the AfricaSan Conference in Dakar in May 2015. The EarthAuger was displayed at both events, and we were honored to have Senegal President Macky Sall (right) visit our booth (and ended up on national TV! ).

5 toilets arriving by air (left)! 5 toilets assembled during a workshop for the local sponsor EVE (right).

Mademba and Maguette orienting the EarthAuger (left), foundation and 200L collection chamber (center), and finished installation (right).

Seydou showing the toilet to the farmers; the end products may be used in the urban farms, as they already use effluent from the wastewater treatment plant


Three of the installations - 7, 8 and 14 users; working well without odors or flies.

The Project:

This demonstration project was conducted in the high-density urban area of Pikine, Dakar. The intent was to investigate the effectiveness of the EarthAuger in flood-prone areas, and also in urban farm cooperatives.

Project Team:

The project was under the direction of Oxfam supported by a grant from the Gates Foundation; Chief of Party, Moussa Seck. The local team was the NGO Eau Vie Environnement (EVE). Local technical assessment was led by Seydou Niang of University Cheikh Anta Diop.


Six EarthAuger toilets were flown into Dakar Cotonou; 3 pedestal and 3 squat. All six have been installed: two in urban community farms, the other four in single family residences in Pikine.


We spent the first few days doing site recon and working with the masons to locate and build the concrete block foundations. The last installation was finished in December.


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