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Tiny Houses in the US


The EarthAuger sits in an extended portion of the house, accessible from the inside. The horizontal tube extends outside at a height in which the collection bucket fits on the ground.


The EarthAuger sits on top of the greywater collection chamber, requiring a step/platform to be built. The horizontal tube extends into the platform and is at a height to hold the collection bucket.



Tiny houses:

Loosely defined as being less than 500 sf (46 m2), these small homes are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons:

  • They are considerably cheaper than the average house (that has a floor space of now almost 2500 sf!) both in capital and O&M costs,
  • They obviously take up much less space,
  • They can be easily build upon a trailer so are mobile,
  • They have the potential for housing homeless at a much reduced cost compared to traditional approaches, and
  • They can be made relatively self-sufficient (solar power, onsite waste treatment, water harvesting and reuse).

The EarthAuger is an excellent fit into the 'tiny house' scenario - here are two current demonstrations.

Happy Valley, Oregon:

The first demonstration is in a tiny house owner built for two. The couple is currently living in it as they finish cosmetic details. The house is built upon a trailer; the roof is hinged so the total height is reduced when moved to fit under bridge restrictions. For more information contact Anika Tobiason.

Our Backyard Homes, LA, California:

The second demonstration is a novel trailer-mounted pair of portable toilet housings- the first big one converted into a living space, the second into a shower stall/toilet (https://www.ourbackyardhomes.org/). This particular prototype is being developed to include sustainable features so that it requires no water, power or sewer.

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